Barnstable, Massachusetts


The Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts is home to about 45,200 people. It is the largest town, both in size and population, on Cape Cod. Situated about halfway along the arm of Cape Cod and with 170 miles of coastline, Barnstable is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, including sea level rise and damage associated with intensified storms.

Many town officials are concerned about climate change, but Barnstable has not yet moved forward with efforts to fully assess risk or to prepare for impacts. Municipal leaders anticipate that participation in this project will build the social and political will needed to move forward with collaborative adaptation planning and will increase the capacity of town officials to effectively integrate climate change risks into their everyday decision-making.

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Materials and Research Results


Climate Change Risk Assessment: Barnstable, MA

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Stakeholder Assessment: Barnstable, MA

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Coastal Flooding in Shoreham: Responding to Climate Change Risks

A role-Play Simulation created for Barnstable, MA

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