The Project

Introductory video for the the residents of Wells, Maine.

Project Overview

NE_sites_labeled-01With a grant from the NERRS Science Collaborative, we are collaborating with four at-risk coastal New England communities – Barnstable, MA, Cranston, RI, Dover, NH, and Wells, ME – to assess local climate change risks, identify key challenges and opportunities for adaptation, and test the use of role-play simulations as a means to educate the public about climate change threats and to help communities explore ways of decreasing their vulnerability and enhancing their resilience to climate change impacts.  Learn more by viewing the full proposal and project timeline.


The New England Climate Adaptation Project (NECAP) is actively exploring research questions such as:

We anticipate that this project will provide valuable insights into techniques for engaging communities in public learning, risk management, and collaborative decision-making. We also hope that communities in New England and elsewhere will be able to build on what we learn as they prepare for climate change.

Project Partners